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Those interested in becoming a trainer in the Food in Schools Food Partnership programme should complete the following application. Training will take place after March 2006. Only applications from England can be considered.

Trainers must have:

  • Experience and qualifications in teaching practical food handling, food hygiene and safety and nutrition (a qualified food technology teacher)
  • A desire to work with local primary teachers and Healthy Schools Co-ordinators to promote a whole school approach
  • Access to a practical food room to deliver training to local primary schools
  • Release from timetable or current commitments to carry out training and attend events
  • Support from their school and headteacher

Please fill in the form below to register your interest (please complete all the fields):



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School address:
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Areas you are willing to train (Please state which LEA's you are able to cover):

Please tell us about your experience and expertise as a food teacher:

Please tell us of experience of working with primary schools, Healthy Schools Co-ordinators etc:

Please say why you would like to join the Food Partnership:
Please ask your head-teacher to add a supporting statement for your nomination:

Please ask your head to show the level of commitment to the programme by filling in the following section -

The school can support with:

Release to attend a two day training (this is part DfES funded, £150):

Release up to 6 days to carry out training with local primary schools (this is full funded £300 planning, £300 training, £300 follow up work):

Use of facilities out of school hours if the trainer wants to run Twilight or Saturday sessions:

Administration support (phone calls, letters, photocopying):

Technician support (support for training):

Other support as part of schools outreach programme:

The school cannot support -

The teacher would be required to do this work in their own time:

Any further comments:

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