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5 A DAY:

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Academy of Culinary Arts:

ASET: Qualifications in Providing a Healthier School Meals Service and Food Safety:

AQA Qualifications:

BBC Gardening:

Bog Standard Campaign:

Breakfast Clubs:

British Dental Health Foundation:

British Dietetic Association:

British Nutrition Foundation:

British Heart Foundation:

Characteristics of Good Practice in Food Technology : Key Stages 1 - 4:

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health:

Citizenship & Values Education: Developing key skills for a consumer society:

Cook Club:


The Design and Technology Association:

Design Council

Drinking Water Inspectorate:

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Eat well, be well:

Eco Schools:

Eco Schools : Healthy Living : What it means for schools:

Edexcel Qualifications : GCSE:

ERIC (Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Incontinence):

Every Child Matters:

Farming and Countryside Education:

Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens (FCFCG):

Fish & Kids:

Focus on Food:

Food and Health Action Plan:

Food for Life : Taking control of your School Meal Service:

Food hygiene, safety and standards:

Food in Schools Audit Tool:

Food Standards Agency:

Food Standards Agency : Report into secondary school meals published:

Foundation Stage Monitoring Report 2003/4:

Friendly Farm Club:

General Certificate of Secondary Education : Design & Technology:

Getting to Grips with Grub : Food and nutrition competencies of 14-16 year olds (PDF):

Global Action Pan:

Grab 5:


Growing Grub:

Growing Schools:

Health Action Zones:

Health Education Trust:

Healthy School Lunches for pupils in Nursery Schools:

Healthy School Lunches for pupils in Primary Schools:

Healthy School Lunches for pupils in Secondary Schools:

Healthy Schools : Local Healthy School Programmes:

Henry Doubleday Research Association (HDRA):


Hygiene and Safety Training:

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Identifying gifted pupils:

Knowledge, skills and understanding : Key Stage 1:

Knowledge, skills and understanding : Key Stage 2:

Knowledge, skills and understanding : Key Stage 3:

Learning through Landscapes (LTL):

Leeds Breakfast Initiative:

Local Authority Caterers Association:

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My School Lunch:

National Evaluation of School Breakfast Clubs:

National Governors Council:

National Trust:

Newham Early Starts Breakfast:

New Policy Institute:

OCR Qualification Finder:

Oxfordshire County Council : School Meals and Nutritional Standards:


Planning, teaching and assessing the curriculum for pupils with learning difficulties:

Primary Case Studies:

Primary Taste of Success Food Awards:

Primary Schemes of work : Key Stages 1 and 2:

Public Sector Food Procurement Initiative:

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Respect for all in design and technology:

Royal Horticultural Society (RHS):

Taste of Success:

TeacherNet : Healthy eating:

TeacherNet : Provision of meals:

The Chips are Down:

The Education (Nutritional Standards for School Lunches) (England) Regulations 2000:

The Royal Institute of Public Health:

Secondary Case Studies:

Secondary Taste of Success Food Awards:

Schemes of work: Secondary Design and Technology:

School Buildings Information Centre:

School Standards and Framework Act 1998:

School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme:

School Lunches:

School Meals Policy Related Issues:

School Nutrition Action Group (SNAGs):

Soil Association:

Starting Early - Food and Nutrition Education of Young Children:

Sure Start:

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Water Health Alliance:

Water is Cool in School:

Water UK

Wired for Health:

Wired for Health : Catering practices:


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